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International affairs

International affairs


  • Cooperate with local and regional norwegian and foreign partners
  • Use international funding
  • Bring our youth to the international arenas
  • Focus on concrete outputs
  • Support our partners

Geographical focus area

  • Our main focus are Europe

Focus areas

  • Regional airports

  • Infrastructure
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Culture
  • Climate challenges and energy
  • Reduce drop-out  from schools
  • Place development
  • Public Health
  • Creative Business

How we work

In order to work internationally we participate in different European organizations, we use the European funds like interreg and the EU-programs, we try to combine international, national, regional and local projects and initiatives and we find the Open Days in Brussel as an important meeting place.

Organizations where Østfold County Council participate:

  • AER (Assembly of European Regions)
  • CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe)
  • BSSSC (Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation)
  • GO-samarbeidet (Gothenburg Oslo- cooperation)
  • The Scandinavian Arena 
  • The North Sea Commission 
  • Oslo region European office - Østfold County Council is a co-owner
  • Innovation Circle Network

Contact person: international coordinator Kjersti Helene Garberg, +47 414 333 99.


Kjersti H Garberg  is responsible for this page.

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Last updated: 29.11.2012